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Brand: Max Meyer Model: 123207L580001
ANTI-MOLD BREATHABLE PAINTING FOR INTERIORSAnti-mold breathable paint for interiors- high breathability- opaque appearance- excellent white pointYield: 12/14 sqm / l per coatAvailable colors: White..
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Brand: Max Meyer Model: B45100139/5
BOTTOM, TRANSPARENT WATER FIXATIVE FOR WATERPROOFING.Reduces and uniforms the absorption of the wall. Improves the finish result.Yield: 4/5 sqm / l (depending on the absorption of the wall)Available formats: 1l, 14 l..
Ex Tax:30.00€
Brand: Max Meyer Model: B021023L580/14
SUPERLAVABLE PROFESSIONAL TECHNICAL PAINT WITH SELECTED TITANIUM BASIS.Great masking powerFILLERHigh washabilityAnti-glare opaqueYield: 13/15 sqm / l per coatAvailable colors: Tinting System, White..
Ex Tax:130.00€
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