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Airbrush for Car Body Paint

Brand: Iwata Model: WOSPG91AG13C
NEW MILESTONE FOR AIR Gunsa New air nozzle high atomization. Fan large and homogeneous also with modern paints WB and HS. Improved function of the trigger. Body, chrome-plated...
Ex Tax:345.00€
Brand: Iwata Model: WOSPG80AG13C
Gun body finely polished smooth and glossy surface for easy cleaning Ergonomic design New trigger and ergonomic handle for easier painting Light and well balanced The head of the gun weighs 20-50 g less than the previous model New air valve More control and precision Cup Akulon improved Cup p..
Ex Tax:185.00€
Brand: Iwata Model: LS 400
Nitially developed as an alternative to the model Evotech High Transfer Efficiency for use in countries where the HVLP technology is required, the new LS 400 Entech bears within it the values ​​of the Supernova series (wide and homogeneous range, design and ergonomics) and is characterized by high p..
Ex Tax:745.00€
Brand: Iwata Model: WS400
New model WS400 Ages IWATA Improved thread hooking Cup  This reduces friction and allows the rapid assembly and disassembly of the cup.  Improvement of buttons control fluid and air  The new design allows for maximum accuracy, even with latex gloves.  Technology Anest Iwata  Pininfarina ..
Ex Tax:745.00€
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