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Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment

Brand: Beta Model: 7368GKK
DESCRIPTION  upper:  Leather "Vintage" oiled water repellent  sole:  compact polyurethane  tip:  Aluminum with breathable membrane, resistance 200 Joules  Anti-Perforation:  Ceramic fiber composite with treatment  insole:  Carbon Felt  weight:  565 g  notes:  double lace..
Ex Tax:49.50€
Brand: Beta Model: 7367G
DESCRIPTION  upper:  Leathe1r "Vintage" oiled water repellent  sole:  compact polyurethane  tip:  not present  Anti-Perforation:  not present  insole:  Carbon Felt  weight:  466 g  notes:  double lace..
Ex Tax:43.50€
Brand: Beta Model: 7903E
Composition : T / C Canvas, 65% polyester, 35% cotton, 260 g  Design:  And knee inserts in "Oxford" polyester / PU, 220 g  Metal zip  Adjustable elastic suspenders with quick-release plastic  Chest pocket with Velcro closure and drawer, door pockets and small pocket for mobile phone  Tw..
Ex Tax:29.90€
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