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Brand: Petrarca srl Model: VIMFHFX428
VIMFHFX428 - Complete Series - 6 Stencils  a - VIMFHFX422 - WRENCHED b - VIMFHFX423 - FRONDS c - VIMFHFX424 - STAEG d - VIMFHFX425 - CLASSIC CAMO e - VIMFHFX426 - DIGITAL CAMO f - VIMFHFX427 - GATOR..
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Brand: Iwata Model: 13407500
The Kustom Micron CM is the daughter of the Custom Micron CM-C from which it inherits all the characteristics of atomization and extreme precision, for which it is known throughout the world. To these are added a greater capacity of the tank, which passes from 7 to 14 ml and a higher trigger which f..
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