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Brand: Festool Model: 201507
PACK OF 16 PIECES Perfect for difficult-to-reach areas or small restoration work and ideal for sanding radius profiles and mold surfaces, with the GRANAT abrasive you will immediately work quickly and economically even when sanding by hand. Adaptable and versatile, as you expect it to be a manual ab..
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Brand: Festool Model: 202458
The original further improved to work without dust Intense removal at maximum suction. The patented MULTI-JETSTREAM 2 sanding pad guarantees exceptional sanding results also thanks to its exclusive operating principle. MULTI-JETSTREAM 2 is the result of the exclusive interaction between supp..
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Brand: Festool Model: 456736
Description The cleaning set standard offers you the basic equipment of accessories 4 different inserts for different pavings Nozzle pointing, for vacuuming in hard to reach You receive the set in the practical Systainer 1 T-LOC Endowment comprising: curved tube D 36 HR-K, 3 exten..
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Brand: Festool Model: 496149
Suitable for types of devices:ROTEX RO 150 FEQ Description• rigid version• Velcro resistant to high temperatures• high resistance on edges• for flat surfaces and narrow angles• MULTI-JETSTREAMSelf-Service pack for perforated wall  ..
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Brand: Festool Model: 497471
Flexibility in a small space. Tray for storing small parts, incl. support for screwdrivers and two guards. Height adjustment for optimum adaptation of the height to the working conditions. Double hook for tools and double universal hook, for the housing of the tool and of suction hoses 4..
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Brand: Festool Model: 497478
IAS 3 light ideal for pneumatic orbital sander LEX 3. The compressed air and suction in a tube and the discharge air with outside diameter of the tube reduced favor the suction permanent. Exhaust air outside spread for a flexible machining with minimal air flow of the hand or forearm. The hose 1 ..
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Delta sander DELTEX DX 93
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Brand: Festool Model: 567720
The specialist for corners. The material removal than average due to the bevel gear mechanism allows a high cost when used in corners and small areas Significant time savings due to the rotation and the quick change of sanding pads and abrasives thanks to intelligent StickFix Plate-plate wi..
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Brand: Festool Model: 570734
The large with high efficiency.  Fatigue-free working thanks to the hood with ergonomic grip and optimum weight distribution.  Switch, selection and maintenance of speed, smooth start.  Overload protection function of temperature.  High load carrying capacity due to cooling particularly ..
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Brand: Festool Model: 570809
From many years of experience in the field of Festool sanders has developed over 20 years ago, a program of polishing. Today Festool is the manufacturer that offers a complete system for polishing from A to Z. Ergonomic tools allow you to work quickly and without fatigue. PoliStick system saves time..
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