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Brand: Beta Model: 1498MN/12
Portable multifunction starter light and compact Beta 3 in 1SUPPLIED- Battery with Lithium-Cobalt Technology- Jumper cables with insulated clamps and protection against reverse polarity and short circuit- USB output for charging electronic devices- Digital display and the battery charge indicator- U..
Ex Tax:330.00€
Brand: Beta Model: 1169/D3
Assortment of 1 combination pliers, long nose pliers clamp 1 and 1 cutter.  Polished chrome finish  Double PVC coated handle  1082-160 mm  1150-180 mm  1166-160 mm..
Ex Tax:25.00€
Brand: Beta Model: 728L
Chiave a bussola macchina, per Avvitatori ad Impulso.  Serie lunga  Bocca esagonale..
Ex Tax:46.00€
Brand: Beta Model: 1800/100
The 1800/100 lifting cushions have a capacity of 100 kg. they are made of rubber reinforced with nylon fibers 6.6 and equipped with a stainless steel non-return valve. The composition of the rubber ensures minimal wear and long service life. They are light and easy to handle, they come in very littl..
Ex Tax:45.00€
Brand: Beta Model: 1184/100
Diagonal cutting nippers for electronics shaved beaks rounded bi-material handles   ..
Ex Tax:35.00€
Brand: Beta Model: 024002209
CHEST OF DRAWERS BETA EASY C24EH 07/M Chest of 7 drawers, with an assortment of 309 UNIVERSAL tools in soft EVA tray.- 7 drawers of 588x367 mm mounted on telescopic ball bearing slides.- Drawer top protected by foam rubber mats.- Static load capacity: 700 kg- 4 wheels Ø 125 mm: 2 fixed and 2 sw..
Ex Tax:2,155.00€
Hammer handle with fiber
In Stock
Brand: Beta Model: 1380T/1500
Ex Tax:29.50€
Brand: Beta Model: 1742/C4
Riveting machine with assortment of 400 threaded steel inserts...
Ex Tax:160.00€
Brand: Beta Model: 1293L/D5
- 2.5 x200 -  3   x300 - 4    x400 + PH1 x 400 + PH2 x 400..
Ex Tax:27.87€
Brand: Beta Model: 1036
Nose pliers rights for circlips for shafts PVC-coated handles..
Ex Tax:26.00€
Brand: Beta Model: 1128BMX
Features : Stainless steel blades straight  throat cutter  With a sharp serrated..
Ex Tax:10.00€
Brand: Beta Model: 1253
SCREWDRIVER TESTER 150/250V    0.5 x3, 5x100..
Ex Tax:7.00€
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