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Brand: Gelson Model: 20400
Special water-based pigmented product with a long-lasting effect to brighten the appearance of bumpers, spoilers, side moulding and other plastic car parts...
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Brand: Gelson Model: 20550
This one-pack coating can be applied directly on bumpers and plastic parts to restore the original texture. 1942 gives a medium textured/orange peel finishing..
Ex Tax:28.24€
Brand: Gelson Model: 20751/20763
Side Scudex is a 2K polyurethane product with high resistance to mechanical and chemical stress. It seals, soundproofs and protects car body panels from corrosion and stone chips...
Ex Tax:29.46€
Brand: Gelson Model: 30561
GELFLEX SEALANT 334 is a one-component, fast-hardening, polyurethane adhesive/sealant that cures when exposed to atmospheric moisture. When cured, it forms a joint of high, permanent elasticity, with a good resistance to tear and to weather. Can easily be brushed and levelled, it is highly r..
Ex Tax:5.03€
Brand: Gelson Model: 45340
Single step, slightly abrasive finishing compound. Gives high-quality finition and full depth of shade..
Ex Tax:27.15€
Brand: Gelson Model: 85850
Special material blade, completely straight. To cut and eliminate any dust or paint-runs on flat parts of the bodywork...
Ex Tax:62.65€
Brand: Gelson Model: COATING767
Bitumen-free protective coating based on synthetic rubbers in solution, for anti-corrosion and anti-abrasive protection with sound dampening effect of car body parts. Quick drying. Overpaintable...
Ex Tax:7.97€
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