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Brand: Extreme-Plus Model: 165
Flex backing pad, ideal as support for wavy orange pad or Merinos wool cap.Its flexible edge allows the use even on impervious and rounded surfaces, reducing the risk of damaging the surfaces...
Ex Tax:21.72€
Brand: Extreme-Plus Model: 106T
The pad being wavy facilitates cooling during processing and allows the abrasive pastes to maintain their basic characteristics unchanged...
Ex Tax:10.11€
Brand: Extreme-Plus Model: 057
Water-based abrasive paste that restores gloss removing scratches. Provided with a perfect balance between mordant and polishing power. Its “2 in 1” polishing and micro-abrasive action restores depth and gloss to the body. Suitable for any colour; particularly suitable for dark colours.Contains no s..
Ex Tax:43.86€
Brand: Extreme-Plus Model: 055
Super aggressive water-based paste specifically produced to speed up and facilitate the finishing operation and solve the specific problems of professionals. It removes marks, opacity deriving from a process carried out using sanded papers, without overheating the surface. “ABRASIVE ” has a fast and..
Ex Tax:41.15€
Brand: Extreme-Plus Model: 103L
Cap suitable for all types of painted surfaces, to be combined with a pad.Quick and easy to use with its tear-off system.It does not create circular scratches.Diameter 180mm, pack of 2 pieces...
Ex Tax:36.17€
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