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Brand: Coverplast Model: NA-CVP2009
Cleaner based on nanometric metal oxides in dispersion aqueous for the cleaning of all hard surfaces. The product performs a very light abrasive / polishing action on chrome parts, hard and glass surfaces, removing any impurities and polishing...
Ex Tax:12.00€
Brand: Coverplast Model: NA-CVP2005
Very high penetration solution for the treatment hydrophobizing of the masonry and corrosion of metal parts of the reinforced concrete...
Ex Tax:21.87€
Brand: Coverplast Model: NA-CVP2008
Hydrofobic and easy-to-clean treatment of car bodywork and all painted,varnished, glass and metal surfaces...
Ex Tax:5.77€
Brand: Coverplast Model: NA-CVP2007
Aqueous-based solution with a very high penetration for the hydrophobizing treatment and oleofobizzante tissue...
Ex Tax:15.31€
Brand: Coverplast Model: NA-CVP2003
Alcoholic suspension based on nanomaterials and nano-molecules for the hydrophobic treatment of glass surfaces. The product modifies the surfaces of the glass,creating an effects  superhydrophobic. The drops of water flow away quickly leaving the glass dry...
Ex Tax:12.70€
Brand: Coverplast Model: NA-CVP2002
Water based solution with very high penetration for the treatment hydrophobic and oleofobizing of natural or impregnated wood, fabrics,paper and concrete...
Ex Tax:20.73€
Brand: Coverplast Model: NA-CVP2012
Detergent broad spectrum of action, especially formulated for car interior cleaning, usable on fabrics, leather,imitation leather, plastic, metal parts...
Ex Tax:4.62€
Brand: Coverplast Model: NA-CVP2013
Neutral cream for the treatment and maintenance of the interior cars in smooth leather, both light and colored. Its particular formula, rich in cosmetic oils and vegetable glycerin, renews the color and appearance of the skin keeping it soft and moisturised.Do not use on suede...
Ex Tax:6.71€
Brand: Coverplast Model: NA-CVP2010
Detergent broad spectrum of action, especially formulated for car interior cleaning, usable on fabrics, leather,imitation leather, plastic, metal parts...
Ex Tax:4.35€
Brand: Coverplast Model: NA-CVP2006
Photocatalytic titanium aqueous dispersion functionalized for treatment of glass surfaces exposed to sunlight. Glass becomes self-cleaning thanks to photocatalysis and induced superhydrophilicity of exposure UV...
Ex Tax:18.14€
Brand: Coverplast Model: NA-CVP2011
Alkaline detergent with a wide spectrum of action, highly concentrated, specially formulated to remove any type of dirt, including oils, grease, tar, wax, smog,soot, etc. ... Suitable for cleaning cars and motor rims...
Ex Tax:3.31€
Brand: Coverplast Model: NA-CVP2000
Aqueous dispersion of nanometric silver with properties antibacterial in combination with titanium functionalized with photocatalytic properties. The combination of these two substances provides an anti-mold and purifying effect...
Ex Tax:14.70€
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