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Montenovo Equalizer

Coil wire cut glass square
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Brand: Montenovo Equalizer Model: SSW-508
Coil wire square section of 50 meters  Tilts and starts cutting with a V-angle, which gives the thread a cutting capacity superior to any thread in the world. Made of stainless steel with high resistance...
Ex Tax:14.64€
Coil wire cut glass triangular mm. 085
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Brand: Montenovo Equalizer Model: TRI-176
The specifications required in the realization of a cutting wire change in relation to the system with which it will cut.  To cut with handles by hand, or with a ratchet tool, the characteristics of the wire have to be different. Hand cutting the wire must have a lot of cutting capacity and be as t..
Ex Tax:26.84€
Coil wire cut glass woven m. 22
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Brand: Montenovo Equalizer Model: TW-72
22 m coil of wire cutting braided Ø 100 x 22 mm    Product on specific techniques, weaving stainless steel wires 3 very resistant, so as to form a single wire of diameter 0.80 mm...
Ex Tax:17.69€
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