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De Beer

Brand: De Beer Model: 1-15/1
Wash primer is a 2 component etching product that is used as a primer over steel, aluminum, galvanized steel and other light metals. Specially formulated for use in the automotive refinish market. Excellent adhesion through etching processAdheres to steel, electrolytically and thermally zinc-co..
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Brand: De Beer Model: 61-8012
Disponibili anche i seguenti aggiornamenti:61-86061-86261-86361-86461-86661-86861-86961-87061-871..
Ex Tax:610.00€
Brand: De Beer Model: 66-040
Paint Pusher waterbase 900 series..
Ex Tax:6.10€
Brand: De Beer Model: aste
Graduated aluminum rods for DE BEER/VALSPAR product.5€ for each piece...
Ex Tax:6.10€
Brand: De Beer Model: MM 905
Vivid colours from the DeBeer Refinish Serie 900 that are so real they seem to be lifted straight from nature. A water based mixing system that allows you to fine-tune quality, colour precision, speed and application yourself, with the increased coverage and efficiencies of the leading brands.Stock ..
Ex Tax:30.50€
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