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Brand: Comet Model: 9033080100
Comet Pump PREMIUM external adjustment valve, ceramic pistons, brass head corrosion resistant. Motor with thermal protection. Panel with low voltage control panel.  Sheet metal frame padded with epoxy.  Type vertical boiler with double coil with high thermal efficiency. Fuel and detergent tanks fr..
Ex Tax:3,673.49€
Brand: Comet Model: 90540001
Compact pressure washer for domestic use but with features inherited from larger models. Quality first: this is not a toy but a pressure washer authentic, reliable and powerful. The machine structure is designed for maximum convenience and ergonomics of use: handle, position the power cord and the ..
Ex Tax:198.86€
Brand: Comet Model: K 807 TS
Details:  Inlet water temperature 85 ° C  Robust and reliable with hood in stainless steel  Practical and safe placement of the hose (when required)  Suction filter brass inspected  pressure Gauge  4-pole motor (1400 rpm / min) largely oversized and protected by paint  Pressure rel..
Ex Tax:1,464.00€
Brand: Comet Model: K250 10/150 M CLASSIC
Professional use  Details:  Robust fairings plastic injection molded  Convenient storage for gun and lance  Handle with media power cable and pipe flow  Ease of maintenance with the simple removal of the front fairing  Large wheels (Ø220mm) for easy handling on stairs and uneven sur..
Ex Tax:663.68€
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