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Brand: Max Meyer Model: 020453D300006
ANTICHILLANT ANTIRUST RUST ENAMEL FOR FLUID FORMULA IRON.It contains micaceous iron oxide, resistant to atmospheric agents. Odorless, anticorrosive protection. Practical: it covers also with one hand only, special for professional work. Available in both coarse and fine grain versions.Yield: 10/12 s..
Ex Tax:28.06€
Brand: Max Meyer Model: 123207L580001
ANTI-MOLD BREATHABLE PAINTING FOR INTERIORSAnti-mold breathable paint for interiors- high breathability- opaque appearance- excellent white pointYield: 12/14 sqm / l per coatAvailable colors: White..
Ex Tax:0.00€
Brand: Max Meyer Model: B021023L580/14
SUPERLAVABLE PROFESSIONAL TECHNICAL PAINT WITH SELECTED TITANIUM BASIS.Great masking powerFILLERHigh washabilityAnti-glare opaqueYield: 13/15 sqm / l per coatAvailable colors: Tinting System, White..
Ex Tax:158.60€
Brand: Max Meyer Model: B16690900/750
SUPER BRIGHT FINISH. SPECIAL FOR EXTREME CLIMATES.Formula based on fine resins with exceptional brilliance and resistance. Excellent surface hardness. Water repellent, not flaky. Ideal for marine environments. Protects the wood from sunlight.Yield: 18/24 sqm / l per coatAvailable colors: Colorless...
Ex Tax:28.06€
Brand: Max Meyer Model: B45100139/5
BOTTOM, TRANSPARENT WATER FIXATIVE FOR WATERPROOFING.Reduces and uniforms the absorption of the wall. Improves the finish result.Yield: 4/5 sqm / l (depending on the absorption of the wall)Available formats: 1l, 14 l..
Ex Tax:36.60€
Brand: Max Meyer Model: B461705010
BRILLIANT TRANSPARENT FINISH. SHAPE A HARD but ELASTIC FILM.Non-yellowing protective finish. Highly brilliant effect, also available in a colorless satin finish. Water repellent, high filling. Highlight the wood grain without altering it. Weatherproof.Yield: 16/18 sqm / l per coatAvailable colors: C..
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