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Brand: Max Meyer Model: 023963D30005
NATURAL MATT FINISH. PROTECTS AND ENHANCES THE VENATURE OF WOOD.        ACTIVE IMPREGNATING TO WATEREasy to apply and to renew. Long lasting protection. It allows the wood to breathe naturally. Suitable for environments with high humidity (seas, lakes, mountains). Odorless, also ideal for applicatio..
Ex Tax:16.20€
Brand: Max Meyer Model: B46160700
SUPER PROTECTIVE NATURAL VELVET FINISH. WATER-REPELLENT WITH ANTI-UV FILTERElegant satin finish soft to the touch. Do not browse, do not crack. Anti UV filter: prevents graying and deterioration of the wood. Highlight the wood grain without altering it. Suitable for environments with high humidity (..
Ex Tax:25.30€
Brand: Max Meyer Model: 022728D300001
TRANSPARENT GLOSSY OR SATIN FINISH. ANTI-SCRATCH PROTECTIVE.Shock-resistant scratch-resistant paint. Totally water repellent. Excellent hardness. Can be polished. Odorless: can also be used in poorly ventilated areas. Washable with water and common non-abrasive detergents.Yield: 7/8 sqm / l per coat..
Ex Tax:30.10€
Brand: Max Meyer Model: B461705010
BRILLIANT TRANSPARENT FINISH. SHAPE A HARD but ELASTIC FILM.Non-yellowing protective finish. Highly brilliant effect, also available in a colorless satin finish. Water repellent, high filling. Highlight the wood grain without altering it. Weatherproof.Yield: 16/18 sqm / l per coatAvailable colors: C..
Ex Tax:22.90€
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