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Balma compressor 24 lt. electric sirio

Balma compressor 24 lt. electric sirio
Balma compressor 24 lt. electric sirio

24 litre electric compressor with wheels BALMA Sirius

Simple-to-use compressor.
Ideal for all professional and hobby applications.
Usable with all pneumatic tools for the maintenance of the home, your car, and for gardening.


  • air outlet with universal quick coupling.
  • Cast iron barrel and piston in aluminium with 3 segments.
  • Forced cooling and conveyed the warmest parts.
  • Single-phase electric motor with automatic reset thermal protection against overheating.
  • External thread easily openable plastic for easy cleaning of the filtering agent.

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Ex Tax: 246.00€
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: 4116021891
  • Weight: 26.00kg
  • Dimensions: 600.00cm x 255.00cm x 590.00cm
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