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Brand: Iwata Model: WOSPG91AG13C
NEW MILESTONE FOR AIR Gunsa New air nozzle high atomization. Fan large and homogeneous also with modern paints WB and HS. Improved function of the trigger. Body, chrome-plated...
Ex Tax:208.00€
Brand: Beta Model: 1800/100
The 1800/100 lifting cushions have a capacity of 100 kg. they are made of rubber reinforced with nylon fibers 6.6 and equipped with a stainless steel non-return valve. The composition of the rubber ensures minimal wear and long service life. They are light and easy to handle, they come in very littl..
Ex Tax:45.00€
Brand: Beta Model: 1742/C4
Riveting machine with assortment of 400 threaded steel inserts...
Ex Tax:197.00€
Brand: Petrarca srl Model: 1904003001
Rapidly remove runs, sags and other imperfections without the risk of rub-through. Presented in a sleeve of three pieces, it is a registered trade mark and is patent pending. A flexible stainless steel masking shim 0.05 mm thick, it has four chemically etched holes for a non-burred, perfectly flat..
Ex Tax:28.00€
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