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Vacuum cleaner for solid and liquid Beta 1870
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Brand: Beta Model: 1870
Specifications:  Vacuum cleaner 20 liters for solids and liquids, practical and powerful.  SPECIFICATIONS  Single-stage by-pass motor  Voltage 230/240 V  Frequency 50/60 Hz  Max power 1200 W  Air flow l / sec. 58  Depression Max 190 mbar  Maximum bin capacity 20 l PP antistatic  Noise ..
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Brand: Festool Model: 497471
Flexibility in a small space. Tray for storing small parts, incl. support for screwdrivers and two guards. Height adjustment for optimum adaptation of the height to the working conditions. Double hook for tools and double universal hook, for the housing of the tool and of suction hoses 4..
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Brand: Festool Model: 497478
IAS 3 light ideal for pneumatic orbital sander LEX 3. The compressed air and suction in a tube and the discharge air with outside diameter of the tube reduced favor the suction permanent. Exhaust air outside spread for a flexible machining with minimal air flow of the hand or forearm. The hose 1 ..
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Brand: Festool Model: 574965
The version with AUTOCLEAN tank volume of 36 liters.  Automatic cleaning of the main filter cleaning intervals AUTOCLEAN with continuously variable  Approved for dust category L  Antistatic function against shock while working  Consistently high suction power thanks to high-performance turbine  ..
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